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CBL Data Recovery, Provides professional cost effective data recovery services in the UK and around the world. With a global network of data recovery laboratories and  partners. With data recovery facilities in the United Kingdom and over 12 countries worldwide. In the UK, CBL’s main data recovery facility is located in North Shields, Newcastle upon Tyne.

United Kingdom – Newcastle

CBL Data Recovery Newcastle Ltd.

Tel: 0800 1712225 or Email [email protected]

Centre For Advanced Industry, Suite 5, Floor 2
Coble Dene, Royal Quays
North Shields, Tyne & Wear
England NE29 6DE


CBL Data Recovery Newcastle, Main Laboratory Facility



United Kingdom Authorized Drop-Off Sites


Total IT, 1-6 Yarmouth Place, Mayfair, London W1J 7BU   View-Map

XCell Solutions, Temple Fortune, 1A Finchley Road, London NW110AL   View-Map

XCell Solotions, Fortis Green, 124 Fortis Green Road, London N10 3DU   View-Map


DTec Computers, Scotland Road, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9HL   View-Map

DTec Computers, Carlisle, Unit 3 James Street, Workshops, James Street, Carlisle, Cumbria CA2 5AP   View-Map

South East

Diamond Computers, 36 New England Rd, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4GG   View-Map

The Mac Man, 46 Quebec Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 9UZ   View-Map

The Mac Man, 6 Goods Station Road, Tunbridge Wells ,Kent TN1 2BJ   View-Map

Fareham Computers, 13 Mithchell Close, Segensworth East, Fareham, Hampshire PO15 5SE   View-Map

West Yorkshire

Blue Logic Computer Systems, Bramley Grange, Skeltons lane, Thorner, Leeds LS14 3DW   View-Map


Raw Data IT Solutions, West Lothian, 101 Corbiehall, Bo’ness, West Lothian EH51 0AU   View-Map

Data Recovery Process

Step 1: CBL Data Recovery, Free Evaluation with Fixed Price Quote

Upon receipt of your media, we will thoroughly inspect it and then perform a free evaluation.

Once we determine the cause of the data loss, an experienced customer service representative will notify you of the results, and  then provide a written quotation indicating the next steps of your hard drive, RAID array, tape drive, notebook, or other data recovery service. Authorisation is required for us to proceed with the data recovery service. Emergency cases or out of hour evaluations may incur a fee. Please contact a CBL customer service representative for further information. The evaluation is generally completed within 4-6 hours from the time your hard drive is received.

Step 2: The Data Recovery Service will Proceed once we have your approval

Upon receipt of your approval, we will then continue the data recovery process.

Rush and Emergency Services: 24-48 hours
Standard Recovery Services: 3-5 Business Days

Step 3: The Recovered Data Is Thoroughly Checked for Quality

Once recovered, the data is then checked using a strict quality control procedure. This will ensure that our data recovery technicians have recovered the files that you have specified as most important. The quality control team will also test additional files and folders, this will ensure your data is returned to you in usable condition.

Step 4: Once Recovered, The Data Is then Securely Packaged and Returned.

Once the data is QC`d, we then take appropriate steps to package and return the data to you. We offer various destination media options such as Dvd`s or External USB Hard Drives .


Shipping Instructions

These 3 easy steps will ensure a safe delivery of your media to one of our facilities.

Before sending, place the media in an anti-static bag or other similar material.

Packaged the media in a box twice it`s size then use foam, bubble wrap or other anti-shock material. This will ensure that the media is safe during shipment.

CBL Data Recovery Newcastle has Drop off facilities located throughout the United Kingdom so that you can have close access to our data recovery expertise. Please ship your media to the Newcastle Lab or drop in to the location closest to you.



Q. Can data loss be prevented

A. Yes, Nothing can prevent data loss better than performing routine backups of all your data. Users can save hours, days and weeks of downtime by minimizing their data loss through routine backups. A good anti-virus software package, updated regularly, will also offer some protection against data loss.

Q. My documents contain confidential information. How can I be sure they’ll remain confidential

A. CBL Data Recovery offers clients a secure environment so that they can rest easy knowing their information is kept private. Every member of the CBL team is under non-disclosure. Furthermore, a special secure isolation room with controlled access is available when confidentiality is of the utmost importance such as in the case of government data. CBL also offers an Online Remote Repair service for certain types of data recovery projects

Q. In what format is the recovered data delivered

A. CBL Data Recovery will return data with the same file names, in the same data type, with the same characteristics, identifiers and in the same structure and location as before the failure.

Q. How long does data recovery take

A. Each project is different and requires unique processes and timelines. Upon receipt of damaged media, CBL Data Recovery will provide a report within one business day outlining the specifics required to perform the data recovery. While some projects may require several days, even weeks, about 75% of all jobs have a turnaround time of less than 48 hours.

Q. Can all data be recovered

A.  It is a very rare case when absolutely no data is retrievable. Most times, CBL Data Recovery can recover data even in the most extreme conditions. On average, the company boasts over a 90% data recovery success rate.

Q. How is data recovered

A. There are many methods by which data is recovered, both conventional and non-conventional. In fact, there is no one set way to recover data. Each project is analyzed on an individual basis and only then can an action plan be developed. CBL Data Recovery prides itself on being unique in its approach. While other data recovery players test and re-test their clients’ media, CBL employs state-of-the-art replication technology to duplicate clients’ data bit by bit reducing the risk of causing further damage to the data.

What Causes Data Loss

A. The largest contributing factor to data loss is hardware or system malfunction, followed by human error, accounting for almost 75% of all incidences. Rounding out the list is software corruption, computer viruses and natural disasters such as fire and water damage.

What Is Data Recovery

A. Simply put, data recovery is a system of processes used to recover lost data from a variety of sources, including hard disk drives, servers, or tape backups. Performed by trained experts, data recovery is the last resort when all other methods, including commercial software, fail.